Momentum for Change: ICT Solutions

This event recognized how information and communications technology (ICT) is enabling action on climate change. The event was divided into two segments: a high-level segment featuring a thought leadership discussion on the enabling role of ICT in tackling climate change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals; and a showcasing segment to demonstrate on-the-ground examples of ICT-enabled climate solutions by the 2016 winners of the Momentum for Change: ICT Solutions focus area.


  • Nick Nuttall, UNFCCC Spokesperson

Opening remarks:

  • Richard Kinley, UNFCCC Deputy Executive Secretary


  • Luis Neves, Chairman, Global e-Sustainability Initiative and Climate Change and Sustainability Officer, Executive Vice President, at Deutsche Telekom Group
  • Philipp Buddemeier, Senior Manager, Sustainability Services, Accenture Strategy
  • Malcolm Johnson, Deputy Secretary-General, ITU
  • Dr. Zaini Ujang, Secretary General, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Government of Malaysia